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Annual Safety Summit

Annual safety summit where all employees attend 40 hours of offsite safety training.

Annually, XL Industrial Services, Inc. employees receive more than 60 hours of safety specific training.  More than half of these hours can be attributed to our Annual Safety Summits which began in 2013.  All XL craft employees and management are brought to our Laporte, IN location where they receive a full week / 40 hours worth of safety training.  Training is conducted in-person either by our HSE Manager or a subject matter expert who may be an internal employee or a third party vendor.

Training topics include but aren’t limited to:

  • Authorized equipment operator training -- Aerial Lift, Skid Loader, and Forklift.  Though it is required by OSHA that we complete this every 3 years, we’ve conduced this training every 2 years to assure we provide competent and skilled operators in the field.
  • Hands-on fall protection training
  • Hands-on fire extinguisher/fire watch training
  • Annual refreshers in hazard communication (global harmonization), electrical, fire protection, welding/cutting/brazing, tools and equipment, respirator fit testing, and Smith Driver refresher training.
  • DOT Operator Qualification
  • First Aid, CPR, AED
  • NFPA 70e
  • Scaffolding/user erector

In addition to the 40+ hours of dedicated safety training conducted at our Annual Safety Summit, employees also participate in company-required daily toolbox talks specific to the daily work tasks, as well as participate in daily Job Hazard Assessments. Employees also participate in customer and site specific safety orientations. 

Members of Management and foremen are also required to complete OSHA 10 hour training (Construction) provided by the company prior to starting work. This training is also offered to field craft employees. Currently 45/50 field craft workers have completed OSHA 10 hour training within the past 3 years. XL Industrial Services, with the assistance of the HCSS Safety Manager application, is able to track employee skills and certifications for verification and expiration.  The application has training records supporting documentation electronically attached to each employee’s assigned skill.  If the customer requested to see an employee forklift training documentation, the foreman can pull up the employee within the application and show a scanned PDF copy of the employee’s “license,” which can be forwarded from the application.  This application will also alert the management and foreman when employees are 45-30-15 days from expiration, thus assuring employees never have a gap in training. 

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