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Safety Technology

We pride ourselves on being a leader in innovation and a best-in-class safety performer. In 2015, we brought these two concepts together by implementing the use of mobile technology in the field to help manage and measure our safety performance in real time.

Using a company-issued iPad, our field foremen can communicate and send documentation of daily safety activities to management as soon as they are completed. The safety app allows our team to quickly and easily work through job-specific safety checks, keep track of and share employee skills and certifications, conduct inspections and report incidents. All of the information gathered is uploaded directly into a database that can be accessed by office staff and upper level management.

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The Skills/Certifications section houses training records with supporting documentation electronically attached and allows foremen to track employee skills and certifications for verification and expiration. If a customer requests to see training documentation on an employee, such as forklift training, the foreman can pull up the employee within the technology and show a scanned PDF copy of the employee’s license, which can then be forwarded via email. Technology alerts the foreman when employees are 45, 30, 15 days from expiration, thus assuring employees never have a gap in training.

Toolbox Talks

We require all work crews to conduct a work task specific toolbox talk prior to work every work day. Company specific toolbox talks are loaded into the field user technology from the management system. The foremen or the foremen’s designee for the day can choose a topic that is related to the day’s work and pull up a PDF document to share. After the toolbox talk is shared, employees confirm their participation by signing off electronically using a stylus pen.

Job Safety Assessments

JSAs are a daily requirement for all work crews and may be developed using a customer’s paper document or by using the technology.

  • When a customer requires us to use their paper document, the foreman or their designee will complete the document, discuss the document with the crew, obtain crew signatures, take a photo using the iPad camera and upload the information to the app.
  • When a customer does not require us to use their document, the foreman or his designee can build the JSA either from a template created by management for a specific job task and loaded into the technology, or the JSA can be built from scratch. When building a JSA, the creator must choose the job task, the required PPE, hazards associated with the task, and mitigation steps. When JSAs are completed, they are reviewed with the crew and employees confirm their participation by signing off electronically using a stylus pen.

Pre-use equipment inspections are another requirement for all field personnel. The safety technology has specific inspection forms for each type of equipment we use. Field personnel completing the equipment inspections are required to take a photo of the equipment to identify the make/model as well as insert the equipment hours. We included equipment hours in our inspection form so that this information can be passed onto our Construction Services Manager, who manages our preventative maintenance program.

If an issue is noted on an inspection, the employee will red flag the issue, take a photo of the issue, and type a description of the issue. The employee can also assign corrective actions directly from the inspection form. If a corrective action is not assigned by the person completing the inspection, the HSE Manager will assign a corrective action. Once the inspection form is completed, the employee sends it to the manager’s system, which will be uploaded in seconds.

If an inspection has an Unresolved Safety Issue, it is red flagged in the manager’s system. We also require our foremen to complete a Weekly Foreman Safety Audit. This audit addresses items such as expirables (first aid kits, fire extinguisher service), verifying company policies and procedures are being followed, housekeeping, training, etc. The form works the same as the equipment inspection forms in that issues can be reported immediately.

This direct line of immediate communication has allowed us to address 82 field related safety issues in the first six months of use, and allows our HSE Manager to effectively manage and address safety related issues the same day -- anywhere in the world.

Incident Reporting

Near Miss Report - This technology allows employees to take photos, write a brief description and use drop down boxes to summarize a near miss incident. Basically, it gives management enough information to do a thorough follow-up. Using this technology, a near miss report can be completed in less than 5 minutes and submitted to management in seconds. When a near miss is submitted, the technology sends text alerts to the company President, HSE Manager and HR Manager for follow-up.

Incident Report - This technology allows an incident report to be submitted in a similar way to a near miss incident. It only takes minutes to complete the form and it's sent to management in seconds. Additionally, it also sends text alerts to the company President, HSE Manage and HR Manager once submitted. The incident form on the technology includes the opportunity to include photos, videos, witness statements, to conduct a root cause analysis, in addition to noting medical treatment and a description of the injury.

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