Project - Mt Prospect, IL


Title: Bio Diesel Blending Project 

Project: Fabricate & Install Bio Diesel Blending

Location: Mt. Prospect, IL

Cost: $1.5 Million

Discipline: Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Insulation 


Mechanically, fabricate and install 3000' of piping from 2" to 8", associated pumps and manifolds, fittings and valves. Install a new pipe alley for piping run in addition to structural steel fabrication and installation of (4) new pipe Bridges. Associated civil work for foundations. Install / rig (2) two tanks and heaters with other project equipment and instrumentation. Electrically, place and install a new MCC, conduit and wire associated with the blending project, including instrumentation wiring, and power to pumps and automatic valves. 


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